CaveGirl Toys
CaveGirl Toys

Rock Hard

Everyone has had the experience of not having a hard penis avaliable.  Maybe he already enjoyed an orgasm or maybe you just have a quiet evening to yourself and are one appendage short…Whatever the situation, Rock Hard will never let you down.

Cave Dweller

Backdoor play has never been more natural!  With one of our Cave Dwellers to guide you, exploring your darkest cave is safe and satisfying. For men or women, this butt plug is perfectly shaped to be easily slid in and to stay put.

The Mammoth

When it comes to versatility, the Mammoth does it all! Large and uniquely shaped, it fits comfortably in your hand for exceptional 'massaging'.

Ribbelsaurus Rex

Raawr! Carved with some ridges along the middle, you can really feel it when this tool moves! With a bigger and smaller end to accommodate different sensations and ribbed for extra pleasure, the Ribbelsaurus Rex loves to make tasty mammals shiver!

Pterodactyl Eggs

Pterodactyl Eggs, also known as yoni eggs, are made with woman in mind. Used since ancient times to strengthen the Kegel muscles of the vagina and provide extra sensation, these gems will help you get your rocks off!

Talk about the Original Hand Tool!  These 100% natural, handmade stone toys are sure to help you get your rocks off!  These prehistoric-inspired dildos, yoni eggs and butt plugs are non-allergenic, sturdy and made to last a lifetime.  We carefully selected stone types that were beautiful. safe to use and that also have beneficial properties when used with energy work.