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Pterodactyl Eggs, also known as yoni eggs, are made with woman in mind. This set of three (or 4) stones is specially designed to delight every Cave girl. The Kegel muscles of the vagina and provide..

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Pterodactyl Eggs, also known as yoni eggs, are made with woman in mind. This set of three (or 4) stones is specially designed to delight every Cave girl. The Kegel muscles of the vagina and provide extra sensation, these gems will help you get your rocks off!Kegel muscles and pelvic floor can be weakened by childbirth, weight gain, and aging.Strengthening these muscles helps make sex more enjoyable for yourself and your partner. It can also help with increased libido and natural lubrication while decreasing incontinence and discomfort. Try using these stones to exercise your Kegels, or while you are masturbating, or even during sex!

Working with your Pterodactyl Eggs:

Each set comes in three (and sometiems 4) sizes, a large, medium and small egg. Start with the largest egg, this is the easiest to feel and work with. To start with, lie on your back and insert the largest egg. Try to feel the egg inside of you and use your pelvic muscles to contract and relax around the egg.   Try to 'hold onto it' for a little longer time and try in different positions. As the larger egg is heavier, gravity plays a big role too so if you try and stand, it is very common for it to slide out (especially in the beginning). Do not be discouraged, like every other muscle in our body, this takes lots of training! If you have the time, it is best to let the egg come out in its own time. Your body sometimes knows better when it's done practicing than your head. But if you are done before it has come naturally, just remove it by standing up and pushing it out or manually removing it.

When you feel ready for a new challenge try the next size down. This one won’t fall out as quickly because it is lighter and will be harder to grip with your pelvic muscles because it is smaller. When you have mastered that, go for the smallest size!

With these toys, listening to your body is vital. No guide or instructions are perfect for everyone so that you can find what works best. Pterodactyl Eggs are made to help you connect for yourself and foremost.

Rose Quartz: The stone of love, for both yourself and romantic love. Calms and supports self-acceptance.

Natural stone can be a wonderful medium for intimate toys. Not only is it all natural, but it is very rare to have an allergic reaction to them. Additionally they can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap or even sterilized in boiling water. Not to mention that as these stones are already often thousands,if not millions of years old, they are sure to last a very long time!

Natural stone is also very versatile and can be used with any type of condom or lubricant that you like playing with. Another benefit to stone is that they can be used at room temperature or you can change the temperature for some extra excitement! Try warming it in a bowl of water next to the bed or play area, or put it in the fridge the night before for a chilling treat. Never put the toy in the oven or microwave!!

As with all our toys, the only limit is your imagination! Each rock is meant to be used in a number of different ways. They will all feel a little different and, may seem more appropriate in some situations than others. Explore, have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new!
Product Information
Brand: CaveGirl
Material: 100% Natural Stone
Type: Yoni Egg
Length: Small : 2.75 cm Middle : 3.75 cm Large : 4.25 cm X-Large : 4.5 cm
Diameter: Small : 1.25 cm Middle : 2.25 cm Large : 2.75 cm X-Large : 3.25 cm
Waterproof: Yes
Additional info: Because every stone is handmade, it may be that the color or size is just a bit different.